[Psst! To see a filterable portfolio of all my work, including web design and advertising, also visit Train of Thought.]

I have been a professional graphic designer for over 30 years (since the time when there weren’t all that many of us). One by one, I have added skills, first with brand strategy, then copywriting (writing text, not trademarking), followed by art direction, brand naming, transformative holistic branding, marketing, package design, website design, and type design. Somewhere in there, I learned how to help people get the best out of their back-of-mind concepts.

Over the course of my career, I have held the positions of Graphic Designer, Art Director, Sr. Copywriter, Marketing Director, and Creative Director.

Since its co-founding 1992, I have run the branding and advertising firm, Train of Thought, and while I derive tremendous pleasure from it, still, I seek new challenges. Those come in all forms. Sometimes I create and launch something new, or others ask me to contribute or even come on board. I always keep an open mind and a ready imagination.

Occasionally I take on special projects, usually in the fields of book and publication design. Check out samples of this work in the Portfolio.

To see what I am doing now, see the Now page.